FitHound Policies


Refund policy for Group Classes
Refund minus $25 processing fee will be issued only if you withdraw at least one week BEFORE the start of the first class. After that time, no refunds or credits will be given unless we are able to fill your space in the class. In that case, you will receive a refund minus the $25 processing fee.
Private Lessons and Consultations
Private Appointments must be cancelled no later than 24 hours prior to appointment time in order not to be charged for that session.
We accept personal check, cash as well as Paypal (group classes only)..

Missed Classes
If you miss a class, you can make it up the next time that class is offered as long as you discuss ahead of time with the instructor before attending the make-up session. You may make up one missed class.  If you miss more than one class, those may not be made up.
Inclement Weather Policy
If the area public schools are closed due to snow or ice, group classes will be cancelled. In case of heavy rain, thunder or lightening, outdoor classes will also be cancelled. Don’t place yourself in jeopardy if the roads are not safe to travel! If class is cancelled due to adverse weather, we will schedule a class make up session. If in doubt, call us at 301.252.0366. Private sessions will be decided on individual basis.

Children in class
Children must be at least 12 years old to handle a dog in a class situation. The parent or guardian must attend with the child and be willing and able to assist as requested by the instructor. Younger children, age 6 and over are welcome to attend with their family, but must be well mannered. It’s helpful to have a person other than the dog handler minding the child. We ask that they not pet or interact with dogs other than their own, unless directed by the instructor. Safety is our first concern!

All dogs over 5 months attending lessons and classes must be current on the rabies vaccine as required by law. Puppies must have seen a vet before the start of class and have proof that they have been started on thier puppy shots.  In lieu of vaccination records, we accept written documentation from your vet that the dog has been seen within six months of the class start date and is healthy.  Titers also accepted. In addition, dogs must be free from external parasites such as fleas and mites. 

Females in season (“heat”)
We do not permit females in season to attend group classes. Many female dogs are very hormonal and may cause distraction and/or tension with the other dogs in class. We will allow make-up classes if you miss class for this reason.
Sick or Injured Dogs
Sick or injured dogs should not be brought to class. If you are uncertain of your dog’s condition, please contact FitHound before attending class.
Group class is designed for dogs that get along/tolerate other dogs and people they do not know. Dogs that have shown aggressive behaviors in the past should not be registered for class. If you are uncertain of your dog’s behavior as it pertains to other dogs and people, please discuss with FitHound Staff prior to registering for group class. If at any point, the training staff feels your dog is displaying aggressive behaviors towards other people or dogs in the class, they may be excused from classes. 
Because of variables in dog breeding, temperament, owner commitment and experience, we cannot and trainers should not guarantee the results of his/her training. If you are dissatisfied with our professional services, please discuss your concerns with Cari Messick.


CPDT-KA Certified Professional Dog Trainer, Knowledge Assessed            CNWI Certified Nose Work NACSW Instructor            Member of the APDT Association of Professional Dog Trainers            Proud Member of the Pet Professional Guild PPG